Airplane Accident Lawyer Aviation

Do You Require an Airplane Accident Lawyer in Aviation?

One of the most secure ways of transportation is still flying. The Economist estimates that the likelihood of a plane crash is 1 in 5.4 million. In contrast, the likelihood of dying in a car accident is 1 in 106.

Aviation accidents can and do occur, despite the statistics painting a soothing picture. In the United States, there were 1,347 aviation accidents in 2018. In addition, 393 people died as a result of plane crashes.

The likelihood of an airplane accident is very low. However, when it does happen, there may be serious damage. It can be daunting to deal with numerous parties, liabilities, and injury claims. However, a knowledgeable aviation accident attorney can guide you through the intricate legal issues associated with a plane disaster.

Airplane Accident Lawyer Aviation


There are many different types of aviation mishaps. Here are a few frequent categories of aircraft mishaps:

Accidents involving commercial airlines: Because there are so many passengers involved, these accidents can create very complicated situations. Additionally, it may spark a lot of media interest. Because of how well controlled the commercial airline sector is, a crash would have resulted from serious mistakes. It will take a lot of cooperation and specialized advice from an aviation accident lawyer to determine who is responsible among the many parties.

General Aviation, or Private Aircraft: Private aircraft can be used for a variety of purposes, such as sightseeing, leisure flying, business travel, and more. Comparing general aviation to commercial airlines, the danger of an accident is typically thought to be higher. Private aircraft tend to be smaller and may not have the most recent safety measures seen on bigger commercial aircraft. Helicopter Accidents: Helicopter mishaps may cause serious injuries or fatalities.

The most frequent causes include weather conditions, inadequate maintenance, faulty parts, and pilot error. Air Ambulance: Patients are transported from an accident scene to a hospital while receiving medical care using air ambulances. Accidents may happen as a result of the high level of pressure, leading to serious injuries or death. A fix-winged aircraft or a medical helicopter can be used as an air ambulance.


The International Civil Aviation Organization divides plane accident severity into five categories:

Catastrophic: Total destruction of the airplane or numerous fatalities among the passengers. Risky: An event that leaves the aircraft severely damaged or the passengers seriously injured. Major: The aircraft was seriously damaged. The incident resulted in minor injuries to passengers. Minor: The airplane and its occupants sustained only minor losses or wounds. Negligible: A mishap that leaves the aircraft unharmed. There could have been some slight inconvenience or injury to the passengers.

After an occurrence, you should speak with an aviation accident lawyer regardless of how serious it was. Even minor wounds have the potential to develop into far more serious issues later on. Your attorney for an aircraft crash will assist you in securing the claims, compensation, and post-accident care you require.


It might be challenging to pinpoint the exact causes of an aviation disaster. Numerous factors frequently play a part in accidents. Here are a few typical reasons why planes crash.

Pilot Mistake

Despite recent significant technological improvements in safety, the pilot error continues to be a major factor in aviation accidents. When piloting an airplane, they experience a lot of situational stress. An oversight in judgment can have disastrous repercussions, regardless of whether it was caused by exhaustion, cognitive stress, or inadequate training.

Usually, the pilot is the one who should be held accountable in this situation. However, depending on the disaster, other parties could also be held accountable, including the airline or the manufacturer of the aircraft.

Mechanical breakdown

A technical malfunction is another frequent reason for an airplane accident. An aircraft’s intricate systems and supporting components allow it to fly safely. Any element of the system that malfunctions could result in an accident. The fundamental causes of mechanical failures can be any of the following:

  • poor design
  • manufacturing flaws
  • concerns with maintenance
  • incomplete inspections

As you can see, there are many different parties that could be held accountable for a mechanical failure. Determining who was at fault—whether it was the aircraft engineers, the manufacturer, the maintenance provider, or another party—can be a difficult procedure.


The Federal Aircraft Administration estimates that weather-related incidents account for 23% of all aviation mishaps globally. Flying can be perilous in bad weather, such as thunderstorms or winter storms.

However, pilots receive training on how to handle severe weather. Prior to takeoff, they should also be keeping an eye on the weather and postponing the aircraft as necessary. Typically, weather-related aviation crashes don’t happen by themselves. Inexperienced pilots, poor communication, or defective parts could all be contributing issues.

Error by an air traffic controller

  • In order to keep airplanes safe, air traffic controllers must fulfill numerous important duties. They should:
  • Converse with the pilots before and after takeoff and landing
  • to manage flight trajectories and prevent collisions
  • Make pilots aware of emergencies in the air
  • Ensure efficient and secure air traffic

If an air traffic controller doesn’t talk to the pilot or take steps to reduce risk, that can be construed as negligence. Particularly in the case of small private planes, their function is crucial. Pilots rely on air traffic controllers to keep an eye on the weather because many don’t have sophisticated instruments.

Bird Attacks

In the US, there are roughly 16,000 bird strikes with aircraft every year. The majority of time, the aircraft sustains little to no damage.

Although there is a small probability that a bird strike may result in a serious accident, it has happened. A flock of Canada geese collided with US Airways aircraft 1549 in 2009, resulting in the failure of both engines. Only five major injuries and no fatalities resulted from the pilots’ successful descent of the aircraft into the Hudson River. The Miracle on the Hudson is the name given to this incident.


Any instance involving the purposeful downing of a plane is considered sabotage. These may involve occurrences including hijacking, shootdowns, or bombings of aircraft. As an illustration, consider the historic September 11 attacks, in which terrorists hijacked four American passenger planes and crashed them into a number of targets.

inadequate fuel

Although an airplane crash caused by a lack of fuel happens infrequently, it has. Such crashes might be caused by inexperienced pilots or fuelling mistakes.


Anyone may experience confusion and worry in the immediate aftermath of a plane catastrophe. However, being aware of some of your fundamental rights will help with the compensation procedure. Following a plane crash, you should think about the following things.

Receive medical care

It goes without saying that you should get medical help right away if a plane crashes. The best course of action is to see a doctor, even if the crash was small. A minor injury might worsen over time if you wait to get medical attention. Making claims can also be more challenging because the insurance provider might contend that the injury had nothing to do with the accident.

The Management of Insurance Companies

It can be difficult to file a claim with the insurance provider for the airline or other liable parties. They are not in the business of readily handing over cash. Large insurance companies with a strong legal team frequently support commercial airlines.

They might try to reach a direct settlement with the victims after an accident. The settlement might, however, be far less than what they merit. Therefore, it is better for the victim to let a plane crash lawyer handle the insurance companies in their place.

Respect Your Rights

A victim of an aircraft disaster has the right to file a lawsuit to recover damages brought on by negligent behavior. Because there are more parties that could be involved, plane crashes are more complicated.

  • Potentially accountable parties can be:
  • Pilot(s)
  • airline industry
  • air traffic managers
  • maker of aircraft and parts
  • maintenance business
  • other travelers

It’s also possible that a mix of the aforementioned parties will be determined to be at fault for the accident. The aviation sector is heavily regulated and subject to numerous safety regulations. Therefore, it is conceivable that numerous parties were negligent in causing an incident of the magnitude of a plane crash.


Even though they are uncommon, aviation crashes can result in serious harm and have long-lasting effects. Getting the support and compensation you deserve should come first. An attorney for aviation accidents can assist you in the following ways:

Liability: As was previously indicated, assigning blame is not always simple. A plane disaster could possibly involve multiple parties. A lawyer can assist in separating out the various parties that might be at fault. To ascertain the primary reason for the crash, they will speak with experts such as engineers, specialists, or aviation authorities. calculating the cost of your damages A lawyer for aviation accidents can assist in determining the cost of your damages.

They will take into account financial losses like medical expenses or lost pay. However, they will also take into account non-economic damages like pain and suffering. If the insurance company’s offer is too low, your lawyer will recognize it and adjust the negotiation accordingly. respecting time constraints: There are typically deadlines for submitting claims following an airplane accident.

Any filing deadlines will be met with the help of a lawyer. Identifying the laws that apply: Different states and jurisdictions have different laws. Which state’s laws—those from the state of departure, the state of destination, or the state of the accident—will be used in an airplane crash? What if the victim’s main residence is in a different state entirely? To decide which laws apply and in which state a lawsuit should be filed, a lawyer will carefully weigh all the relevant elements.


You might be entitled to compensation if you were hurt in an airline accident. Our legal team will evaluate your case and offer you specialized legal advice.

Experienced Las Vegas injury lawyer Valiente Mott can assist victims of personal injuries in obtaining the just recompense they are entitled to through compassionate yet forceful representation.

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