Best Drawing Tablet For Photoshop and Photo Editing – 2022

Are you searching for the best drawing tablet for photoshop?

You may be thinking that your computer system is not sufficient for photo editing and so you require a pen and drawing tablet that can style your pictures and figures in a variety of ways and provides you an enjoyable process, as well as make it cooler to do it on the move.

To edit your pictures and figures thru a stylus may sound unapproachable at first, but when you got to master in it, you will find that the process is much easier and creative. Various of the styluses and tablets are extremely sensitive, with the capability to catalog up to 8,192 discrete levels of pressure, so you can draw in high detailed.

Benefit of Best Drawing Tablet for Photoshop

The main benefit of using a tablet is a stylus thru which you can draw in your photos, manga, edits, and much more with great accuracy. People who edit shots for a living will mostly do their tasks on tablets as it provides perfect work in no time. So now you are thinking which is the best drawing tablet for photoshop to choose? There are many features to ponder, and distinct manufacturers striving for your cash. The significant features are screen area, resolution, battery life, versatility in styluses and keyboards, etc.

Best Drawing Tablet For Photoshop

1.Wacom CTL4100

Wacom CTL4100
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Item Dimensions: 7.87 x 6.30 x 0.35 inches
Item Weight: 0.51 lbs.
Standing screen display size: 7 Inches
Wireless Type: 802.11a
Number of USB 2.0 Ports: 1
Brand: Wacom
Hardware Platform: PC, Linux, Mac
Color: Black
Flash Memory Size: 2
Manufacturer: Wacom Technology Corporation
Pressure Sensitivity: 4096 levels
Resolution: 2540 LPI
Express Keys: Yes – 4 customizable application-specific settings
Pen: Wacom Pen 4K (Battery-Free)

If you are searching for the best drawing tablet for photoshop, the Wacom tablet would be a perfect choice Wacom is the best drawing tablet for beginners through Wacom tablet you explore new ways to get become creative and it would be also the best graphics tablet for photo editing and painting for casual artists.

Wacom Intuos comes with free software and a pressure-sensitive pen, it’s a perfect combo when you want to get digitally creative.

Wacom pen is a battery-free pen. It delivers both control, precision, and no need to be charged the pen with the advanced technology of Wacom’s EMR it is always ready to work.

This wacom tablet has four customized Express Keys and two located on the pen to put your favorite keyboard shortcut on front and you can simply undo these keys.

This wacom tablet can connect to the macOS and Windows too. It connects via USB and install the driver, register, and start within minutes. it can also connect with Android but for that, you required different OTG connectors which are sold separately and for Android smartphone or tablet it supports till the version of 6.0 or later. You can visit  for additional information and setup related data.

It is the best graphic tablet for teaching as well as for art students too. This wacom tablet enhances learning skills for their artistic talent.

This wacom tablet also uses for showing Maths problems, for taking notes, and use of a whiteboard in Zoom or Skype.

The handling of this product is very easy and incredibly portable from one place to another. It comes with creative software included with purchase. One is clip studio paint pro with 2 years license which comes with figure templates and coloring most preferable for comic books artists or manga. The second one is Corel Painter Essential 7 comes with a 90 days trial it comes with advance natural media brushes and photo effects. The third one is Corel AfterShot Pro 3 also comes with 90 days trial to enhance your passion regarding photographer.

Overall, it’s a perfect combination of features and it can be no doubt in saying that it is the best drawing tablet for photoshop.

  • Extremely Portable
  • Reasonably Size
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Pen is battery-free
  • Only 6 programable key bind
  • The product does not plug and play

2.Huion H610 Pro V2

Huion H610 Pro V2
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Working Area (Inch): 10 x 6.25
Tilt: ±60°
Press Keys: 8 press keys+16 soft keys
Report Rate (PPS): 233
Net Weight (g): 635
Pen Model: Battery-free PW100
Android 6.0 Supported: ✓
Interface: Mini USB
Thickness(mm): 10

Are you looking for the best drawing tablet for photoshop with advanced features that hype your inner creator? huion h610 pro graphic drawing tablet would be your best choice.

This huion h610 pro graphic drawing tablet can’t stand it need Android devices, macOS, and Windows. Just you need to connect USB and from a mobile phone, you need an OTG adapter and simply install a driver which it updates regularly and you have to be in touch with Huion official web to get the newest driver.

For windows users, you have to assure that no other brands driver on your device and close all drawing programs before set-up. When you are running or installing drive please make sure to run as administrator.

macOS Mojave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15) are compatible with this device you just have to add “Huion tablet” and “Tablet Driver Agent” into the white list initially after installation of the driver. If you face any problem you can see the Quick Guide or search Huion online for further guidance.

Huion H610 Pro has a battery-free stylus with 8192 pen pressure make its function more fluent and flexible. A tilt of 60° support and ensures rendering of shading in your work without lacking or missing.

It has 8 press keys and 16 soft keys for shortcuts and setup. The design is unique it is the anti-slippery and circular side which prevents the tablet from dropping and you can work effectively. It also compatible with Android 6.0 and in Windows 7 and cannot work with iPhone, iPads, and another Samsung mobile which has an updated version from 6.0.

  • Easy to use
  • Tilt function is present
  • Battery-free pen
  • Drawing surface protector present
  • Pen loosely stands in pen stand

3. Graphics Tablet XP-PEN G640

Graphics Tablet XP-PEN G640
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Work Area (Inch): 6×3.75 Inch
Item Size (Inch): 7.48×6.49×0.4 Inch
Express Keys: 6 Shortcuts Key
Roller Wheel/Dial: No
Pen Model: P05
Pen Technology: Battery-free
Pressure Sensitivity: 8192 Levels
Item Weight(LB): 0.39 LB
Resolution: 5080 LPI

This xp-pen is lightweight and slim. It has 6×4 inches Active Area which gives you more space to transfer your creation. 

This xp-pen is only 2mm thick. As for its sleekness, it is as slim as all primary level graphic tablets. Its unique sleekness allows you to carry it with you anywhere you go which makes it the best drawing tablet for photoshop

This xp-pen is not a standalone machine. It requires to be connected to a laptop/computer to work. It can work with windows 10,8 and 7 (32/64 bit). It is also compatible with Mac OS X version 10.10 or later.

The driver will be updated on regular basis, so you need to visit the official website to download the latest driver and install it on the computer.

Before the installation of the driver, you have to remove any other brand’s driver from your machine and reboot it before installing the XP-PEN’s driver. If not, you will be facing driver conflict problems.

As for windows, it requires you to close all the drawing programs and run the driver as administer when installing the driver. For Mac Mojave (10.14) or above and Catalina (10.15), we need to add “PenTabletSettingUX”

Into your accessibility list initially after installation of XP-PEN Driver. It also requires putting programs that are newly downloaded into the accessibility list first so that you can normally use it. xp-pen artist 12 drawing tablet provides a lifetime technical support on all the drawing pen tablets. It has more speed and accuracy over 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity which gives it the intelligence to change, navigate, and give output with a full pallet of brush and pens. The report rate of xp-pen max to 266 RPS which makes the lines flow effortless and perform faster and professionally. It is specially designed for OSU gamer.

It does not require to install any kind of driver software to use the tablet for OSU. This xp-pen is battery-free and has a sensitive brush which allows you to play with music and enjoy the game. xp-pen is suitable for both right- and left-hand users which allows you to set it with left hand or right hand mode through uncomplicated access.

It is wider and more convenient giving you a wider active area for drawing and gameplay. At the position of the USB cable, the design comes up to your drawing and playing lifestyle. This xp-pen works just like a real pen because it has no battery and does not require any kind of charging which is suited for both you and the environment.

It has an incredible ergonomic which allows you to draw as effortless as if you are drawing with pencil and paper. A one-click toggle permits you to switch the functions of pen and eraser constantly. xp-pen is applicable to draw, sketch, illustrate, handwriting recognition, image editing, and online educational purposes. xp-pen is compatible with almost all operating systems and applications.

  • Sleek design
  • Battery-free and lightweight pen
  • Durable
  • The screen is not scratch-free

4.XP-Pen Deco

XP-Pen Deco
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Work Area (Inch): 10×5.63 Inch
Item Size (Inch): 14.2×8.6×0.35 Inch
Item Weight(LB): 1.34
Express Keys: 6 Shortcuts Key
Roller Wheel/Dial: Roller Wheel
Wireless Support: No
Pen Model: PN06
Pen Technology: Battery-free
Tilt Support: No
Pen Digital Eraser: Yes

It features Type-C input sketches and it is easy to plug in and out. The xp-pen expansive tablet is huge and amazing yet designed to achieve the limit between express keys and drawing area. It has 10×6.25 inches working area which gives you more space for your creation and to get the work done.

The xp-pen thickness is only 8mm which gives you the advantage of carrying it anywhere without any trouble. xp-pen can be used with windows 7/8/10, MAC OS ×10.10 or above, and Android 6.0 or above. This sleek tablet is compatible with SAI, Photoshop, Painter, Clip Studio, and many more. It also supports connections with Android phones and tablets 6.0 or above. xp-pen is also compatible with most of the software including Flip clip, ibis paintX, Medibang, and more.

This tablet keeps up to 60 degrees of tilt brush effect which gives a smoother and more natural stroke, lines and also providing you with the ability to add shading in the creation. xp-pen is battery-free P05 stylus technology which gives 819w levels of immediate pen pressure sensitivity which gives you a groundbreaking control and fluidity to enhance your creative output.

This tablet does not require any kind of charging. xp-pen is designed for both left- and right-hand users. It has 8 fully customizable express keys that create a highly ergonomic, convenient work platform. 

It has the feature of one-click toggle which allows you to switch between the functions of Pen a and Eraser instantly. Its driver allows the shortcut keys to work with much different software. It has the newest High Tech Ic, which makes the lines flow much smoother and perform better. xp-pen lights up on the end of your drawing area which allows you to even create in the dark. the xp-pen tablet provides a one-year warranty with lifetime technical support.

  • Programmable pen buttons
  • Lightweight sleek design
  • Free artist glove
  • Works with Krita and MyPaint
  • Poorly placed buttons on the pen

5. Fire HD 10 Tablet

Fire HD 10 Tablet
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Display: 10.1″ 1080p full HD
Resolution: 1920 x 1200 (224 PPI)
Storage: 32 or 64 GB (expandable by up to 512 GB)
CPU: Octa-core 2.0 GHz
Battery life: Up to 12 hours
Ports: USB-C (2.0)
Charging time (with included adapter): 4 hours
Wireless charging:
Audio: Dual speakers
Dolby Atmos: Yes
Hands-free with Alexa: Yes
Show Mode (full-screen Alexa experience): Yes
Warranty and Service: 1-year limited warranty
Camera: 2 MP front- and rear-facing
Weight: 17.8 oz (504 g)
Dimensions: 10.3″ x 6.3″ x 0.4″ (262 mm x 159 mm x 9.8 mm)

Fire HD 10 Tablet an all-rounder tablet. This tablet has the largest display and 30% faster because of the powerful 2.0 GHz octa-core processor and RAM is 2 GB.

This is designed by Amazon. It has a slim body, form-fitting casing, and built-in stand which allows you to enjoy hands-free viewing.

With watching videos, apps, eBooks, games, songs, and streaming it is also in the list of best drawing tablets for photoshop. If you are creative or casual artists then it would be the best drawing tablet for beginners.

It is also the best award-winning tablet for Amazon kids. This parent can make a profile of a child to limit screen time and also the best tablet for education. Amazon kids are free on every Fire tablet which gives unlimited free time.

This tablet can work up to 12 hours and consider as the best standalone drawing tablet. This tablet is budget-friendly and easy to access too.

  • Fast Charging time
  • Alexa built-in
  • Amazon Kids is free
  • WIFI direct is not supported

6.Apple iPad

Apple iPad
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Display: 10.2-inch Retina display
Capacity: 32GB, 128GB
Chip: A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture, Embedded M10 coprocessor
Camera and Video: 8MP camera with HDR and 1080p HD video
Front Camera: 1.2MP FaceTime HD front camera with HDR
Battery Life: Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching the video, or listening to music.; Up to 9 hours of surfing the web using a cellular data network
Connector: Lightning
In the Box: iPad, Lightning to USB Cable, USB Power Adapter
Height: 9.8 inches (250.6 mm)
Width: 6.8 inches (174.1 mm)
Depth: 0.29 inch (7.5 mm)
Weight: 1.07 pounds (483 grams) Wi-Fi model; 1.09 pounds (493 grams) Wi-Fi + Cellular model

If you searching for durable, stylish and power tablet with distinct feature this best choice would be iPad which have 10.2″ retina display and A10 fusion chip which gives you great performance. It is having a Touch ID sensor and back camera of 8MP and front is 2 MP through which you can capture amazing views and scenes and a built-in speaker too and battery life is up to 10 hours.

iPad is your artist’s gadget too when you want to create. It could be the best drawing tablet for photoshop it has different apps for enhancing your artist talent inside you which you can download by iPadOS and installation of other drives that are compatible with it by using WIFI or by USB port.

To enhance the features of drawing and photoshop you can use an apple pencil which is sold separately by this you can do more detailed work in your drawing without any hustle.

iPad 10.2 could be the best choice if you want to multitask and want an all in one product and consider it as the best standalone drawing tablet.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to sync data
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Setup is not easy

7.Huion H420

Huion H420
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Technology: Electromagnetic Digitizer
Active Area: 4 x 2.23″
Resolution: 4000 LPI (Line Per Inch)
Report Rate: 200RPS
Pen Pressure: 2048 Levels
Express keys: 3 Express keys
Reading Height: 0.6″
Supply Voltage: DC5V
Power Consumption: 0.35W
OS Supported above: Windows Win7//8/10/Vista/XP/Mac OS 10.8.0 or above.
Interface Support: USB
USB Cable Length: 1.5M
Dimensions: 176.6mm x 112mm x 7.5mm
Net Weight: 132g

In this century of technology, we are experiencing latest and advance gadgets and find a more convenient way to access things as before for painting and drawing people required different colors, palette and canvas which is difficult to carry and often color run out and we cannot undo anything if we do not require so.

The digital drawing tablet makes this happen and make a gateway from where you can access everything easily. Even though some pictures are also required to be photoshop to enhance the beauty of the pictures so here it is Huion H420 through which you carry everything in your pocket.

It is the best drawing tablet for photoshop and the best tablet for graphic design

Huion comes with the advanced technology of “electromagnetic digitizer” and pen pressure with a combo of 3 Express keys.

Huion supports Windows 7,8,10, Vista, and XP and in Mac OS 10.8.0. and compatible with Corel Painter, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Flash, Comic Studio, Micro Media, Fireworks, and other major graphic application which make it a best graphics tablet for photo editing

This is very much in use for educational purposes so it is no doubt if we say it a best graphic tablet for teaching

  • Pen is lightweight
  • Changeable pressure sensitivity
  • Cleaning kit
  • Anti-fouling glove
  • Pen requires battery


When you are a beauty lover and love to capture something unique and creating something better out of its then photoshop gives you that opportunity and for this, you need good gadgets.

For this, you surely need the best drawing tablet for photoshop.

If you think beauty-enhancing apps in smartphone or gadgets are more useful in editing surely go for it but remember a Photoshop is a Photoshop and it’s widely used because of a reason


Which laptop is the best for photo editing?

All the above models are best drawing tablets for photoshop and editing.

What is the difference between a graphic tablet and a drawing tablet?

One of the significant differences between graphic tablet and drawing tablet is drawing tablets have screens you can draw on. While graphic tablets do not require an additional computer to run.

Is Wacom or Huion better?

Wacom has improved pens, an advanced build class, and well manufacturer support as compared to Huion.

What tablet do artists use?

All the above models of tablets are used by the artist for editing.

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