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Have you had a bus accident injury?

Call the bus accident lawyers at Munley Law if you or a loved one was a passenger in a bus accident or was driving another car that was struck by a bus. Our bus accident attorneys have a wealth of expertise litigating against some of the biggest bus operators in the nation, including Greyhound.

Bus accident lawsuits are distinct from other types of auto accidents, and they should only be handled by a legal team with expertise in taking on common carriers, municipal bus systems, and commercial transportation organizations.

Our legal team can assist you in obtaining the compensation you require to rebuild your life if you or someone close to you was injured or died in a bus accident. We represent those who were struck by a bus, including the drivers of other cars, pedestrians, and bicycles. There is no fee for the consultation or for our services unless we prevail in your legal matter.

Bus Accident Factors

Negligence on the part of the bus driver or bus business is to blame for many significant bus collisions and bus rollovers. These are some instances of these causes:

Bus drivers frequently travel great distances without taking many breaks, which contributes to driver fatigue. It might be really exhausting to do this, especially if it is late in the day. Driving when fatigued delays your response time and diminishes your focus, which is quite similar to driving while intoxicated. It becomes simple to overlook anything crucial, like an animal darting onto the road or a rapid shift in the flow of traffic. Drivers who are sleepy may cross the center line and collide with oncoming traffic or fail to stop for crossing pedestrians.

Everyone engages in distracted driving, even those who drive professionally. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traveling at 55 mph for five seconds without glancing at the road is the same as traveling the length of a football field. Whether you’re on a congested freeway or a local street, a split second of carelessness can be fatal.

Bus Driver Error: Mistakes may happen if the bus driver lacks experience or got inadequate instruction from the bus firm. It may be anything as easy as picking up passengers too near to the sidewalk, or it could be something more serious and perhaps fatal. Poor preparation and inexperience may quickly turn into a serious problem for everyone concerned.

Bus drivers must adhere to strict schedules, therefore aggressive driving or speeding is prohibited. But when issues like traffic or passenger issues emerge, the driver may quickly be behind schedule. Driving might become risky and reckless as a result of this. This is extremely dangerous for anyone driving on the road and endangers the lives of bus passengers.

Why Pick Munley Law as Your Lawyer for a Bus Accident?

You need an attorney who is prepared to go to court and fight on your behalf in order to ensure that you are fairly paid for your injuries when selecting a bus accident attorney to assist you with your bus accident claim. It’s crucial to pick a personal injury lawyer wisely since few have the expertise and experience necessary to handle situations involving commercial vehicles. Fortunately, Munley Legal is one of the select few law companies with expertise in handling matters involving commercial bus accidents.

In 2013, a horrific bus accident on the I-80 near Scranton/Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, resulted in Dan Munley representing the victims. Since then, we have defended hundreds of innocent people hurt in serious commercial vehicle collisions, and we have successfully resolved numerous claims for millions of dollars.

Do I Need an Attorney for a Bus Accident?

Unfortunately, without legal representation, victims of bus accidents are ill-equipped to handle the extensive defense that the bus companies will launch as soon as the accident occurs. Bus firms will spend a lot of money and go to considerable measures to protect themselves. The bus company will have a team of representatives constructing its case and perhaps deleting key evidence while you and your family are healing from your accident. Because of this, it is crucial that you have a group of lawyers on your side who will travel to the scene of the collision, preserve the evidence, and see to it that your rights are upheld.

Because Munley Law’s attorneys are compensated on a contingency fee basis, you can afford the top bus accident attorneys in the industry. Simple: You owe us nothing until we successfully resolve your case. Check out our process here.

City buses have been involved in accidents.

Accidents involving municipal bus companies or other public transportation agencies might be particularly challenging. Many laws may be relevant, and often there are caps on the maximum amount of damages you may be able to obtain. This does not, however, imply that you lack a case. At Munley Law, an accomplished bus accident attorney can examine your case and provide you with advice on the best line of action.

We can assist you in establishing culpability and looking into all potential sources of compensation. It is crucial to move fast since you have six months from the date of the harm to give written notice if you desire to sue a government organization. As soon as you choose us to represent you, we can get to work on expediting the processing of all of your case’s components.

Who Can Be Held Liable After a Bus Accident?

In most cases, the bus driver is the first to claim responsibility for the mishap. The driver is the defaulting defendant in your bus accident since they were either driving carelessly or recklessly at the moment of the collision or they lost control of the automobile.

The bus firm may be responsible for the accident if the driver lacked training or experience. The bus company is in charge of ensuring that all of the drivers are qualified for their positions. Background checks, appropriate training, drug tests, and other measures can be included.

What Steps Should I Take After a Bus Accident?

From relatively mild bumps, bruises, and scratches to more serious injuries including shattered bones, internal damage, and even death, bus accident injuries can encompass a variety of medical issues. The consequences for the occupants of the smaller vehicle may be horrifying when larger, heavier buses crash with smaller, lighter passenger automobiles.

To ensure that their injuries are not life-threatening, all bus accident victims should seek prompt medical assistance. Please seek emergency medical assistance if you have been hurt in a bus accident.

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