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A biker always loses when a car hits them. In the event of a collision, a larger, more powerful vehicle will apply pressures on the bicycle that it cannot sustain. Therefore, although the driver of the motor vehicle frequently walks away unharmed, the biker may have severe and even deadly physical injuries.

We are concerned about holding negligent drivers responsible for major bike accidents in Los Angeles at the law office of Rose, Klein & Marias. In Southern California, we represent hurt pedestrians and cyclists by defending their legal rights and fighting for just compensation during settlement conferences and bicycle accident damage trials.

Contact a knowledgeable Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer at our office for help if you or someone you love was recently involved in a bicycle accident that was the result of a careless motorist. Our neighborhood legal firm offers free first consultations.

How Can a Los Angeles Attorney for Bicycle Accidents Help?

Our plaintiff’s attorneys help hurt people with their insurance claims and/or personal injury lawsuits following life-altering mishaps, such as incidents involving bicycles. A lawyer might help you with your claim if you have had severe and agonizing injuries, costly property damage, or the loss of a loved one in a bike accident.

Otherwise, the insurance company of the at-fault motorist can try to take advantage of you or persuade you to accept an unfavorable settlement. During insurance talks, our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have the strength to defend you and demand just reimbursement for your losses.

Stats on bicycle accidents

Most bicycle accidents may be avoided. They occur when one or more people disregard driving regulations or engage in other careless behavior. Unfortunately, careless driving occurs frequently enough in Los Angeles, California, to result in hundreds of fatalities and serious injuries every year. In 2021, 543 cyclists were killed and injured in traffic incidents in the City of Los Angeles alone. Of these fatalities, twenty-four (24) were 14 years old or younger. In LA County, there were 1,780 bike incidents that resulted in fatalities and injuries overall in 2021. It is the duty of every road user to use reasonable care and attention to avoid causing bicycle accidents.

Common Injuries from Bicycle Accidents

Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other serious, catastrophic injuries are common outcomes of bike accidents. An accident with another vehicle or the roadway, without much protection for the cyclist, can result in a variety of injuries. Additionally, catastrophic injuries are far more likely to occur to bike riders. The lawyers at Rose, Klein & Marias LLP in Los Angeles will represent those who have suffered any kind of significant damage.

Serious cycling accidents frequently result in catastrophic and life-altering injuries. Survivors of bicycle accidents frequently deal with the effects of their mishaps for the rest of their lives. Brain or head traumas, bodily scarring, and paralysis are examples of common long-term injuries.

The stress of a bike mishap may also have an emotional and psychological toll on bike riders. Working with a local Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer can help you fight for the maximum settlement for your bicycle accident case, including concrete and abstract damages like medical costs, pain and suffering, and more.

Identifying Negligence in Cases of Bicycle Accidents

In a Los Angeles bicycle accident case, accountability is essential. Your accident’s responsible party will be held financially liable for your losses. A knowledgeable Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer may need to investigate your crash in order to hold the appropriate person liable.

In most circumstances, the motorist will be held legally accountable, but other elements, such as a pothole or a bicycle problem, may also have played a role in your collision. Your attorney may be able to assist you in proving blame once they have located the proper defendant(s).

Negligence is the key component of proof in a personal injury lawsuit in California. Your attorney must demonstrate by a majority of the evidence that the negligent behavior of the at-fault party is what led to your injuries.

Interviewing witnesses, acquiring evidence from the location of the bicycle accident, and engaging bike accident reconstructionists may all be required to prove fault. Our legal team in Los Angeles has the tools necessary to assist you in assembling the best case you can make against one or more defendants.

Free Consultation with a Los Angeles Bike Accident Attorney

After a major bicycle accident, hire a Rose, Klein & Marias LLP Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer to represent your interests while you take legal action against negligent drivers and other parties. We can assist you in resolving frequent problems that arise during insurance claims, such as the motorist contesting liability or the insurer underestimating your damages.

We may use our expertise, skills, and resources to advocate for the highest possible recompense. Call (866) 679-7512 or use our online form to get in touch with our Los Angeles law office right away.

Establishing Liability In A Bicycle Accident

A bicycle accident caused by someone’s carelessness might end in personal harm, therefore it’s important to wear a helmet and be extremely vigilant of other traffic and road conditions. Grave injuries, such as shattered bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even wrongful death, sometimes arise from automobile vs bicycle incidents.

Because of this, the at-fault driver frequently gets to tell the patrol officer their account of the bike collision first. Sadly, we frequently discover that these claims are fairly self-serving, leading the officer to conclude that you, the rider, were mostly to blame for the Traffic Collision Report (TCR).

An experienced bicycle accident lawyer may be able to challenge the TCR or show you were only partially at blame, which may help you recover even if you are found at fault on the TCR.

Because California is a comparative fault state, your recovery will be reduced by the percentage of your fault. As you can see, a bicycle accident lawyer with experience navigating the numerous legal intricacies, subtleties, and challenges that result from a bicycle accident is necessary.

In order to maximize your compensation, cover your losses, and guarantee the security of your future, it’s critical that your bicycle accident lawyer pursues all potential at-fault parties if you or a loved one is hurt in a crash. You only have one chance to obtain the money you are entitled to, therefore it is crucial to make sure you file a lawsuit against everyone who is at fault. Typical culpable parties include:

  • The automobile’s driver
  • Businesses (or government agencies) if the driver of the car was working
  • governmental organizations or public bodies that were in charge of designing, maintaining, or controlling the road.
  • Contractors and construction firms (if they impacted the roadway or traffic)
  • Pedestrians
  • Various cyclists

Compassion, service, and results are our three key principles, on which we take great delight. We constantly put the needs of the client first. We make every effort to ensure the recovery process is as quick and painless as we can since we are aware of how upsetting and life-changing a personal injury accident can be.

Each case is allocated to a single attorney who works as a member of a bigger team and who has a number of helpful professional staff members to ensure that all of your needs are anticipated and satisfied in order to carry out that purpose. We take care of every aspect of your case so you can concentrate on getting better. We will keep you informed of developments in your case, address any concerns you may have, and seek your approval before making critical decisions.

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