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Have you ever been in a tractor-trailer accident? Request a free case analysis from one of the best truck accident attorneys in the country.

A collision involving a tractor-trailer might drastically affect one’s life. A knowledgeable tractor-trailer accident attorney can assist you in your rehabilitation if you were hit by a tractor-trailer and sustained significant injuries.

In Pennsylvania, truck accident victims have looked to Munley Law for assistance since 1959. The truck accident attorneys at Munley Law have a national reputation as tenacious litigators who achieve the best outcomes for our clients. We have received AV-Preeminent and Platinum-Level Client Champion ratings from Martindale-Hubbell, and we have often been listed among the Best Lawyers in America.

At educational seminars around the country, our seasoned truck accident lawyers are regularly asked to lecture on trucking-related topics. We are here to assist if you or someone you know requires legal assistance following a tractor-trailer collision. Call us at 844-371-5524 for a free consultation, and we’ll send one of our skilled tractor-trailer accident attorneys to work for you.

A tractor-trailer mishap

Accidents involving tractor-trailers require careful investigation.
Truck accidents must be thoroughly investigated right away. Only a knowledgeable tractor trailer accident attorney will know what to inquire about and where to go for the answers.

The inquiry may involve the scene of the collision, the truck, your car, the trucker’s logbooks, and the files of the shipping firm. We’ll also look for professional, eyewitness, and reconstructionist viewpoints. Time is of importance in our attempt. The trucking business will immediately send out a team of its own investigators. You require investigators who will work for you and compile solid proof. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can take action to protect important evidence.

We have all the tools required to create a successful case for you since we have committed decades to this particular professional area. Working closely with specialists with an in-depth understanding of the trucking business, engineering, accident reconstruction, life care planning, economics, and medical is a priority for our truck accident lawyers.

A knowledgeable attorney for tractor-trailer accidents will hold the trucking company accountable.

You require a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible following your tractor-trailer collision who will:

  • Defend your rights.
  • Investigate, record, and protect important evidence
  • Get the black box and the digital data.
  • assist you in recouping lost earnings and paying your medical expenditures
  • Answer your inquiries and help you with the legal procedure

When it comes to truck accident lawsuits, experience matters. Numerous federal and state rules and regulations must be followed by truck drivers and their trucking firms. These laws and rules cover a wide range of topics, including the use of alcohol and controlled substances, how things should be loaded and secured, how things should be maintained, how drivers should be licensed, how long they may work, and much more. Our lawyers are well knowledgeable about these rules, and they can establish if a breach contributed to your accident. We will create a comprehensive picture of what caused your collision by getting the tractor trailer’s black box, the trucker’s mobile phone(s), and the trucking business records. We will be able to seek EVERY AVAILABLE source of insurance and recovery for you by gathering, examining, and interpreting this specialist information.

Rely on our skilled staff if you want a tractor trailer accident attorney in Pennsylvania. We represent individuals who have been hurt or lost a loved one in a tractor-trailer accident, including drivers, passengers, truckers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

For a free consultation, call us at 844-371-5524 or send us a message online. We will come to you wherever you are if you are hurt or unable to travel.

Who may be held liable in court if a tractor-trailer strikes me?

The driver of the truck may be held accountable if you are involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer. The case will almost always include additional parties, though. A lawsuit involving a tractor-trailer collision may include a variety of parties as defendants, including the following:

Automobile Insurance Companies Truck Driver Trucking Company Parent Company of the Trucking Company Commercial Truck Owner Third Party Maintenance and Service Company Drivers and Owners of Other Motor Vehicles Involved in the Crash

In order to determine which plaintiff(s) will be the best in bringing a claim and which defendants should be named in order to obtain the full recovery that a tractor-trailer accident victim deserves, knowledgeable truck accident attorneys, like our team at Munley Law, rely on the specifics of each case.

Your tractor-trailer accident: what happened?

One of the most important things we need to address in order to support your case is: How did this accident occur? In many cases, we find that the “accident” wasn’t actually an accident at all, but rather the result of a string of careless actions, violations of organizational rules, and mistakes. All too frequently, we discover that the collision that caused your injuries or the death of a loved one might have been avoided. Typical reasons for tractor-trailer collisions include:

Truck driver fatigue: Truck drivers have demanding occupations that need lengthy shifts behind the wheel, either overnight or early in the morning. Many tractor-trailer drivers experience sleep apnea, a sleep disease that hinders deep sleep and results in excessive weariness throughout the day, as a result of the nature of their profession and the lifestyle associated with long-haul trucking. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration regulates how long truck drivers can work before taking a break to sleep, although truckers frequently work longer shifts than are permitted in order to get compensated. Drivers may even fall asleep at the wheel while operating an 80,000-pound car at 65 mph or more as a result.

Distracted driving is one of the main factors contributing to traffic accidents for all drivers. Distracted driving can take the shape of technology, communication, food, navigation, and more. Texting, social networking, sports games, phone and video chats, and even watching movies while driving has all been seen as distractions. We have the expertise and tools necessary to establish that a distracted motorist was to blame for your collision and to secure justice for you.

Hiring and training procedures used by transportation businesses: Transportation companies may be held liable if one of their workers causes injury in a tractor-trailer collision if they do not employ and train safe drivers. Negligent hiring practices can involve a variety of things, such as neglecting to do background checks, hiring drivers with fake or expired licenses, and failing to adequately teach staff members about safety procedures and corporate laws.

Negligence on the part of trucking businesses: In addition to their recruiting and training procedures, trucking companies may also act in other ways that endanger the public and truckers. They can neglect to check that their cars are in good functioning condition. They might do nothing if their staff violate safety rules. To meet deadlines for deliveries, they could even exert pressure on their own drivers to break rules on the number of hours they can work or other restrictions. We have witnessed countless cases over the years when trucking businesses either didn’t have procedures to safeguard their drivers and the public or didn’t enforce these regulations, endangering lives.

Mechanical failure: Trucks are dangerous to their drivers and other road users if they are not regularly examined, maintained, and repaired. Accidents can be fatally caused by faulty brakes, tire blowouts, electrical faults, and other technical problems. Transportation businesses must be held liable if they neglect to maintain their vehicles or fabricate inspection reports.

Speed is one of the main causes of fatal collisions, along with reckless driving and drunk driving. Other careless, irresponsible actions are also forbidden, including tailgating, neglecting to utilize turn signals, driving too fast for the conditions, and doing so while intoxicated or high. We’ll look for any of these actions throughout our examination of your crash that could have contributed to it.

How much does it cost to retain a skilled lawyer for tractor-trailer accidents?

We at Munley Law work on a contingency fee arrangement. You are shielded from any financial risk connected to your lawsuit by a contingency fee. You pay nothing up in advance or out of your own money when you choose us as your attorneys. If we don’t obtain a settlement or favorable result for you, you owe us nothing. We bear all fees and expenditures associated with your case.

The best specialists may be expensive to retain, and truck accident cases can be complicated. All of those expenses are covered by us, and we only get paid our fee and charges if you win your case. As a result, you can afford to employ the top tractor-trailer accident attorney in the field, who will work to secure the largest settlement possible for you.

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