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On Tennessee’s roads, semi-trucks and tractor-trailers are among the largest vehicles. Large trucks can measure hundreds of feet in length and can be loaded to 80,000 pounds.

Big trucks are particularly dangerous for other drivers because of the stark size and weight disparity between them and passenger cars, especially when there are infractions of the rules of the road. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates all facets of the trucking business, including truck drivers, trucking firms, and truck owners.

Unfortunately, a lot of parties in the trucking business prioritize money before safety, which can endanger the lives of innocent victims like you and your loved ones. If a truck accident that wasn’t your fault injured you or a loved one, you could be entitled to financial support for your medical expenses, lost earnings, and suffering.

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Who Is Liable for Accidents involving Tractor-Trailers?

When it comes to assigning blame in collisions involving two or more passenger cars, the process is frequently simple—even when numerous parties are partially to blame. Truck accidents, however, are unique. This is due to the possibility that a single truck may be the responsibility of many people or businesses, and carelessness on the part of any of them might result in an accident.

The three principal parties frequently found accountable for truck accidents are as follows:
drivers of trucks

ruck drivers are also subject to specific FMCSA restrictions in addition to the “normal” rules of the road, such as not speeding, not driving while intoxicated, and not ignoring stop signs or red lights. These regulations include things like working hours, required breaks, and keeping licenses and certificates active and current. Any regulation infractions can be attributed to truck drivers as being at fault for the collision.

Companies who own, lease, or utilize trucks to transport products are in charge of ensuring that they are loaded securely and properly. Some trucking businesses disregard the FMCSA’s regulations on loading techniques and weight limits in order to increase their earnings. They may be held accountable for damages if they violate the law and an accident results.

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Even though they may not be actively involved in running their vehicles on a daily basis, truck owners are nonetheless in charge of keeping them roadworthy and safe to drive. That entails planning and conducting routine maintenance work and promptly fixing serious flaws or issues. Truck owners may be held accountable for accidents that happen as a result of brake, tire, or other component failures.

Experience and aggressive representation are required for truck accident claims.
Since the trucking sector is so lucrative, both trucking firms and the insurance companies that cover them are hesitant to settle sizable claims with victims.

Because of this, you must have a skilled and determined law company on your side. At Inman, Stadler & Hill, we are not afraid to battle to obtain you the money you are entitled to because we know what it takes to win, even in multi-million dollar situations.

It is not surprising that huge truck accidents occur often given the prevalence of large vehicles on the road. Due to their size and weight, large trucks can be dangerous to stop fast, which can cause catastrophic accidents. Unfortunately, large truck collisions result in severe injuries or even fatalities. The Duncan Firm is here for you if you or a member of your family has suffered an injury or a fatality as a result of a large truck accident.

The Duncan Firm has been successful in securing verdicts and collecting compensation for families and people affected by large truck accidents across the country for more than 45 years. lawyers for catastrophic injuries who are familiar with the causes and consequences of such accidents. Federal laws and regulations are involved in the majority of trucking accidents on interstate. Your attorneys must thus have knowledge of both state and federal courts.

Accidents involving heavy trucks nearly usually result in significant injuries because of their enormous size and impact. Following are a few typical reasons for large truck collisions:

Lack of vehicle maintenance – Large trucks travel several kilometers every day. When a vehicle is not properly maintained, issues with the engine, brakes, lights, and tires can happen quickly. Accidents that stem from these issues may be severe and lethal. Additionally, neglecting maintenance is against both state and federal legislation.

  • Dangerous Weather – Big trucks may be challenging to drive in inclement weather such as snow, ice, rain, and wind. It can be challenging for drivers to see, respond, and safely stop in adverse weather conditions. A weather-related collision may result in injuries to other motorists.
  • Improper Loading: A truck must be properly loaded for the driver to operate it safely. Items may fall or cause the truck to tip over if cargo is loaded improperly, is overloaded, or is not properly secured. Anyone on the road might be put in grave risk by improper loading.
  • Driving errors can occur if a large truck driver is tired, distracted, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The rule also mandates that large truck drivers keep a safe separation between their vehicles and the vehicles in front of them. Each year, hundreds of accidents are caused by driver mistake.
  • Whatever the reason for the huge truck accident, Duncan Firm is knowledgeable about the law and has a skilled team that cares about the victims.

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